Gitta Saxx, which is the person behind SAXX PIXX,  started her Career 1988 as a  Model.

She had been the "Face" for the most famous Beauty Companies, like Marbert
Maria Galland & Lancaster. She travelled around the world and worked as a Model at the most beautiful Locations for Advertising & Beachwear.

Her Face has been on many popular Covers like: Freundin, STERN, Sport Magazin, Brigitte, Carina, Fit for Fun,ect.

She was fortuned to work with the most famous Photographers like Hans Feurer
Bruno Bisang, Stefan Indlekofer and Michael Leis. She learned from their work, just by being aware & curious what`s around her. 

20 Years in the Business, based on a  3 Years Education as a Optometrics, she got more and more Practice by Testings and Shootings behind the Camera. 

Since couple of Years she is establishing her Career as a Photoartist with Passion and a artistic Eye.

2011 she worked for the Miss Austria Cooperation by shooting the Models.

2012 she was shooting the Celebrities from the ORF TV Show: "dancing stars", 
which she was a part of as a Celebrity in 2009 herself.

2013 she worked for the TV- Show from PULS 4:  "Austria`s next Top Model". 
She had been shooting 3 of the Models, for the German luxury leather label "Live & Love". 

2013 Fashion Shooting at the Bristol Hotel for Erika Süß Design

In 2014 she was shooting the popular SKI INSTRUCTOR Calendar for 2015.

                                                                                                                                     Foto by Tom Lemke for IN StarMagazin